boy vs girl - funny

boy vs girl.. hehehehe.. watch it here

Funny Blooper Video - FRIENDS

Really funny blooper video from FRIENDS. Watch it here..

Man Vs. Automatic Door

LOL! Watch this man open the automatic door his way..hehehe

Learn Language English - Funny Commercial

Learn Language English - The World's Funniest Commercial. Watch it here..

Fat People Funny Video

Fat people are funny often. Have a look at this video.. hehehehe

Funny Fat People Videos

Funny Fat People Videos - Have a look at these. You will be rolling on your floor laughing..

Most Awesome - Hot Chicks Pranked

Most of these girls are good humored about it, but I think a few might be plotting revenge.

crazy xbox 360 lady

A shoot from a banned xbox 360 commercial. Its funny.. Watch it here

Assault with Deadly paper

Funny Video of City Council Meeting Getting "Violent"

Funny Animated Flash Character

Funny, animated VS. the animator! Just awesome! LOL

MacGyver's Awful Secret

Best Wedding Entrance

wow..What a wedding entrance

Dog In Swing

This dog loves the swing...LOL...