Treadmill Running Machine - Extremely Funny Running Machine

Very funny commercial, funny running machine commercial..Haha..totally hilarious.

Marching Rooster

Rooster walks like a soldier...

World Cup 2010 - Argentina Funny Training Camp

Have a look at this. Argentina's training camp for World Cup 2010. Maradona is there too.

Cat Desktop Wallpaper

Here are some nice cat wallpapers. You can use any of the cat desktop wallpaper from the following wallpapers.

Kitten Wallpaper

kitten wallpaper

Free Cat Wallpaper

funny cat pictures

Cat Desktop Wallpaper

cat wallpaper

Cat Wallpaper

cat desktop wallpaper

Cat Desktop Wallpaper

kitten wallpaper

Old Jewish Lady

Old Jewish Lady (funny clip from American Splendor).. Watch here..

Smelly Cat Friends

Smelly Cat Friends

Smelly Cat Friends official music video, starring Phoebe Buffet.

A few comments from youtube:
  • Phoebe is crazy but in her cute way :) and that song was my favorite and i always sang it with her :D
  • E.G Daily sung this :) Great voice - I LOVE PHOEBE!!Bring back Friends!!
  • amazing song, should be no.1 in the charts but hey ho, it wil make it no.1 one day. i proper miss friends but lets remember how friends will live on 4 ever no matter what!! they should carry on again but........ bit late now brilliant vid btw
  • really! im from the UK and this is hilerious and all my friends love F.r.i.e.n.d.s :D what does that prove lOL

Big Girls Don’t Fly

OMG! This must hurt...

Massage Chair - Japanese Massaging Chairs Prank

Massage Chair - Japanese Massaging Chairs Prank

Very funny Japanese prank about a massage chair (this might be human touch chair), these guys are good. Japanese candid camera is hilarious.

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Massage Chair
human touch chair)