Hilarious Office Prank!

"Hahahaha that is tooo funnyyyyy hahahaha"

Bad Day At The Office HILARIOUS Girl Freaks Out

"Footage of office stress! boss calls in a sales rep because of her low numbers. tired of his crap she destroys his computer!"

"Yes, it's fake. We had fun, though."

Fita Funny Comercial

"Bwahaha. The lesson here is to always give your cracker to the old lady."

"Too bad the engine on that Ferrari is actually on the other half..."


"he is a business man guys and she ruin his news paper. lol"

"HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! Hes like.. whaaa? MY PAPER U BICH! *smack* Lmao!"

Mini Cannon Firing and Destroying Targets

This video also better demonstrates the great power of firearms, even on a very small scale. The cannon and the gunpowder are homemade and the projectiles are tiny steel balls (3.2mm/0.126inch). The cannon was built and works exactly like the antique cannons of Napoleon's time or the mortars used in the American Civil War.

"He started running out of things to shoot at the end and wound up firing at his workstation."

Funny Bicycle Accidents

Funny Bicycle Accidents

"WOW, half of these older people did not learn how to ride a bike when they were lil. Thats why they are wobbly"

"wow! there are actualy people who are dumber on bikes than my friend @.@"

Cute, FUNNY Baby Dancing Salsa

Cute, FUNNY Baby Dancing Salsa

"Look at him go!!! OMG, your baby is toooooooooo precious! Me and my boyfriend cannot stop watching this video...you know I had to share this with my FB friends, too!"