Hilarious Cat Sleeping With Tongue Out

its not my cat.. just found the video somewhere. check out this cat sleeping with his tongue sticking out..

Guitar Playing Parrot

Have a look at this guitar playing cockatoo...

Weird, Crazy, Stupid and Funny Car Crashes

View these real car crashes caused by bad drivers who are still cruising our highways today!

A compilation of some very weird, crazy, even insane and funny car crash scenes that will keep you wondering how they happened. These funny car crashes and crazy car accidents are truly unbelievable!


Really Hilarious Commercial

This commercial really made my day..lol.. A must watch!

Top 10 funny commercials

"some of them are good but doritos has better commercials, so does mountain dew."
"I thought the one with the magic fridge was the best xDD"

Funniest Thing Ever - Hilarious

Old Woman hits car with her bag causing the airbag to deploy in the drivers face.

Joey How You Doin

Joey How You Doin

A compilation of various scenes of Joey How You Doin...

"lol joey's my favorite friends character! he's like a lil kid, he can be as dumb as he wants and make us laugh, not angry! XD"

"Love U Joey
joey how you doin!!!"

Funny Kittens - Funny Kitten Pictures

Funny Kittens

Kittens are always so cute and funny. These are some funny kitten pictures, that will definitely bring a smile on your face.

funny kittens

funny kitten pictures

funny kitten

funny kitten pics

funny kitten picture

funny cat wallpaper

funny kittens

Ghost Prank - Guy Freaks Out

Guy freaks out over ghost prank. I feel bad for the poor fat guy.. but still think its really hilarious..ROFL